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Nubian Wellbeing

We are interested in the health of ourselves and our people. So that we can live and live well.  We provide information on available therapies, remedies, treatment and cures.  If you have any therapies to offer, get in touch.


Music therapy - for some, music is life, music is a source of healing and therapy it can uplift your soul, bring healing, mentally, physically and spiritually. If we are made of vibrational energy then music vibration can correct and cure disturbances in energy flow. It spans race culture religion and so and can permeate through nearly everything. Music can soothe a person holistically and aid in meditation techniques.  Join our group, give your support to the cause, contribute to music as a therapy or collect some musical healing.

Emmanuel Amuta - a bright articulate confident boy set for big things who it seems, his life was cut short by illness and lack of proper treatment. It sounded like he was being pumped full of poisons and then flushing it out with water and that this is what they are expected to do. If people are still dying then it isn't working. 

Our people and children shouldn't have to die needlessly due to ignorance.  Given treatments that could kill rather than cure. I am not a doctor and anything written here is my own personal opinions. Instead of giving people opiates which only treats the pain effects of the disease and turning them into sickle cell addicts.

Possible Solutions


Oxygen treatment therapy. The lack of oxygen is partly what is causing the pain some of the cells are said to be sickle-shaped instead of fully round and don't get enough oxygen in order to function properly.


Other treatments research  Gene Replacement Therapy and bio/ nano technologies. My feelings are that children are being given poisions and then flushing with water that could be contributing to their deaths.


as coping methods to deal with pain both Music TherapyMeditation and physica and emotional.