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"I'm here to listen and help you in any way I can"

"We can go through so much in our daily lives, sometimes we just need a bit of love, encouragement and empowerment"

Li's here If you need someone to talk to and communicate with confidentially. Li has been giving advice for over 15 years. Has much life experience and is a sympathetic, caring, person with a zest for life. She has a humanistic approach to helping people. She may also put you in touch with relevant organisations that can help you further. Li is not a counsellor or psychotherapist, just a humble healer, mentor and advisor here to help to nurture you.

Here are just some of the things people have said about Li

"She got right to the heart of my problems, wants and needs. and helped me work through things."

"Li was there when I was alone and needed a person to talk with."
"I was messed up and Li was there for me, I owe her alot. Thank you!"

"She listened to me, then showed me where I could get the help I needed"

Li helps run a women's group to 
positively promote, women’s wellbeing, spirituality, health, and empowerment. join here
She has a BSC in Holistic Health, Diploma in Massage therapy, has done courses in reflexology for hands and feet, aromatherapy, herbalism, counselling and psychology to name, but a few.

After studying with a Chi Gong Master in China and an African Master of Nu Shu Ra she created a style of meditation, exercise and breathwork called
Chi Qi Gong

Li is part of PHLOAT People Helping Lives of Others And Themselves Non-profit organisation start up an.

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for mind, mood, body and environment

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